Octagon Ensemble

The Octagon Ensemble is Westport's community orchestra, established by violinist and music educator Patrick Early in 2016. The Ensemble's aim is to provide young string players and adults with the opportunity to make music together - the rehearsals and the development of shared musical goals are as important as performances.

Since its establishment, the Octagon Ensemble has performed several concerts at the Town Hall Theatre, Westport, collaborating with musicians such as Des Cafferky, Tony Reidy and Julia Dickson, as well as the Mayo School of Ballet.

In October 2021, Pauline Graham became the new conductor, with Patrick Early continuing as Artistic Director. Michael Quinn is the rehearsal assistant.

Rehearsals take place in Westport on Monday evenings, 7pm - 8:30pm. Please contact OctagonEnsemble@gmail.com for more details, or if you are interested in joining. The Ensemble is open to violin, viola, cello and double bass players aged 13-18, as well as adults.